Basic Rates


I service all of North East Wisconsin




Outlying area will have a millage charge one way


And time one way





Sewer Snaking


$205.00  hour service normal rate

After 5PM $305..00 an hour 

Conditions Apply and May Change Rates


Electric Jetter

Sewer Jetting

2.6 GPM   2”-3” line soft clogs ETC

$205. 00 and hour

100’ runs

Conditions Apply And May Change Rates


Trailer Jetter

12 GPM 3000PSI

3"-12" pipe 

600’ runs

$290.00 and hour base price

1 hour minimum

Special Conditions May Raise or Lower Pricing


Sewer camera inspection

Inspection with a cleaning



Without cleaning $ 215.00

with recording 

Conditions Apply And May Change Rates




Appleton Drain And Sewer is now a certified Pipe patch installer